Develop Concept

From concept to completion has to start somewhere. We work hand in hand with our clients to develop the perfect approach, from style to format, preparation makes perfection.

Produce Content

An idea only becomes as good as its execution. This is where we move into asset creation, filming, editing, and animation, bringing your ideas to life.

Client Input

We are here to serve you the client. This means that every step throughout the production we will be checking in for feedback, to ensure the final product is exactly what you're looking for.

Final Product

When all is said and done, all feedback incorporated, we move to finalizing the project. All finishing touches added, we output all versions you may need, and it's off for the world to enjoy.

Let's go make something!

Videos, graphics, or you just want to brew beer. Doesn't matter, let's go create!

The right tool for the right job

The right tool for the right job makes a heavy workload light. We keep a well-stocked and modern kit of equipment to cover all basic needs in house. From cameras to lights, backdrops to teleprompters, even fancy stabilizers, we have it all. We're more than comfortable hiring out larger kits when the production requires it, but as much as possible we make sure we can cover the basics on our own to keep things cost effective and flexible for the client.

What Customers Say

You guys are awesome partners - can't thank you enough for your quality work and awesome customer service.
...we collectively have to say their work was second to none...Something Else Productions have an outstanding service for such a young team of creatives...
Something Else Productions is a terrific company that provides high quality video, sound, motion graphics and visual designs that is timely, affordable and full of their trademark verve and wit.

Computing Power for any task

As the company has grown so has the complexity of techniques we utilize in our animation department. The heavier workload of 3D animation via Cinema 4D utilizing render engines like V-Ray means heavier lifting power to render. We have an ever expanding render farm to scale with whatever type of rendering your project needs. Anything from 4 cores to 60 cores and growing, we've got the power to get it done.

What Can we do for you?
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